Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary Net Worth

Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary is a Malaysian tycoon with a net worth of $4.5 billion. He is the founder of MMC Corp, a construction and infrastructure behemoth, and has recently won a $3.96 billion rail tunneling project. He has also acquired a 70% stake in KMB Seaport and is looking to take its port operations public. AlBukhary is a high school dropout who started out as a rice trader and has since founded Albukhary International University and the Islamic Art Museum.
Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary is a member of Diversified

Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Year 1951
Birth Place Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia
Occupation Founder, Albukhary Group of Companies, Albukhary Foundation
Known for Business, Philanthropy
Spouse(s) Sharifah Zarah Albukhary

💰 Net worth: $1.6 Billion (2024)

Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, a prominent Malaysian businessman, is estimated to have a net worth of $1.6 billion in 2024. Known for his diversified business ventures, AlBukhary has made significant contributions to Malaysia's economy. He has invested in various industries such as construction, energy, agriculture, and telecommunications, among others. AlBukhary's successful business strategies and entrepreneurial acumen have earned him recognition and respect within the business community. With his diverse portfolio and commitment to business excellence, it is no surprise that he has built an impressive net worth over the years.

2010 $1.5 Billion
2011 $2.5 Billion
2012 $3.3 Billion
2013 $2.75 Billion
2014 $3.1 Billion
2015 $2.9 Billion
2016 $1.5 Billion
2017 $1.8 Billion
2018 $1.81 Billion



Syed Mokhtar Albukhary was born on the 12th of December 1951, the third child of Syed Nor and Sharifah Rokiah in Kampung Hutan Keriang, Alor Setar Kedah. His family traces its roots to Central Asia.


In 1961, Syed Mokhtar moved to Johor Bahru where he spent the next 6 years before returning to Alor Setar where he attended St. Michaels Institution. While still schooling, he got involved in his father’s cattle Business to help him. This would mark Syed Mokhtar’s first involvement in Business.


In his biography, Syed Mokhtar stated that his philanthropic work began in earnest in 1976 when he pledged half of his salary to 15 under privileged families and the other half to his mother and siblings. 20 years later In 1996, he founded the Albukhary Foundation and remains to be its primary benefactor.


The museum was founded in 1998 and is located within Kuala Lumpur’s Lake Gardens. It houses more than ten thousand artefacts from across the Muslim world, as well as a library of Islamic art books. The museum has a total of 12 Galleries.


The Albukhary International University was founded in 2010 and is located within the Sharifah Rokiah Centre of Excellence. The University is housed within a purpose built campus and is spread over 30 hectares in Alor Setar.


With money saved from his involvement in his father’s cattle Business, Syed Mokhtar began venturing into Business on his own.